2018 Reflection: Travels, Life and Highlights

Wednesday, 2 January 2019

I thought that 2017 went by quickly, but nothing prepared me for how fast 2018 was going to be. It has been a year of highs and lows but all in all, I’ve been able to achieve some things I never thought I could do. This year has been full of many exciting moments as well as the stressful moments, however I can happily say that it’s been one of my favourite years to date.
Now I haven’t blogged in nearly 4 months – but I wanted to write this little reflection post to remind myself of all the great things that have happened this year and hopefully this’ll help bring back my writing motivation too (we will see).

I constantly went on about how I wanted to see more of the world and experience new places. This has always been tough for me – as I’ve talked before, I’m an anxious traveller and I don’t do so well when it comes to public transport, busy airports/train stations. This was the year that I needed to immediately try and suck it up as I was going on 2 trips abroad and new that I’d have to just get over the anxiety at some point as hard as it is to do. Well, I did it!
At the end of February, I took a short haul flight to Edinburgh, Scotland to celebrate my 6 year anniversary with Alex. He was very sneaky and booked the holiday for us both as one of my Christmas presents and even booked my time off work too. The flight was awful and bumpy but needless to say, it was a short flight and we got there all in one piece! Edinburgh was a beautiful city.
The second trip was my summer holiday at the end of June, there was 7 of us going and we were off to Florida, America! You could say I was a lot more nervous about this trip as it was an 8 hour 30 minute flight and I felt claustrophobic just by the thought of being stuck on a plane for that amount of time. Leading up to the flight – when we checked in our bags and waited in the virgin lounge, I decided to have a few mimosa’s to calm my nerves. I’m super surprised and so proud of myself because I found that plane journey a complete breeze, there was hardly any turbulence and I was just drinking champagne whilst watching movies the whole time that the flight went by very quickly. Our 2 weeks spent in America was awesome and I got to visit some incredible places. 

One of my goals was to get healthy and I used to say it every year, yet not do nothing about it. 2018 was different because I officially joined the gym, and I started going at least twice a week if I could. I usually like to go after work because I feel that it’s quite therapeutic especially if I’ve had a stressful day. I have a gym routine now too (how fancy).
I would say that I’d like to start eating a bit better this year though. I need to definitely cut down on all the pizza takeaways, sugar in tea and I’d like to actually substitute my milk for almond or coconut milk.
2018 was the year that I and Alex started really thinking about moving out together. We’re saving for a mortgage at the moment and we’re seeing a mortgage advisor some point this month to go through everything and to actually give ourselves a bit of a reality check.
One thing I’m really pleased that I have kept going is my scrapbook. For those who don’t know, I keep a scrapbook full of all my memories and I use my HP Sprocket printer to print these memories out. I normally have a very creative mind space, but I do get bored easily – my scrapbook is one of my hobbies that I thought I’d easily get bored of but I haven’t and I’m so glad I kept going. It’s nice to look back on the little things that I’ve done.

·         I went to see The Greatest Showman a total of 5 times at the cinema (don’t judge)
·         Met some amazing new work friends who I will have for life
·         Got front row tickets to Imagine Dragons at the O2 Arena
·         Celebrated a family engagement
·         I turned 22!
·         Spent my 22nd birthday in Bath, England
·         Saw Ed Sheeran live at Wembley Stadium
·         Got to visit Hogwarts in Universal Studios Florida
·         Took a trip to Arundel Castle
·         Watched Dirty Dancing in the back garden on an outside projector
·         Had a night out making our own pizzas and getting drunk
·         Went to see Dreamboys lol
·         Went to Lindfield for a firework night
·         Spent Christmas with family

So that pretty much sums up my 2018. I wish you all the best for 2019.

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